10 Ways to Burglar Proof A Mobile Home

Do you live in a mobile home? If you do, it is important to realize that mobile homes offer different security challenges that your standard one-family home. The windows aren’t as strong, the entryways can be more easily breached, and most importantly, the home is moveable. How do you keep the home safe and secure for you and your family?

Due to the design of most mobile homes, they are not difficult to break into. There are 10 effective measures that you will need to take to effectively burglar-proof your mobile home. These measures or steps are:

  1. Securing and reinforcing the doors of the mobile home
  2. Securing and reinforcing the windows of the mobile home
  3. Installing a home security surveillance system within the mobile home
  4. Investing in and installing motion-sensing lights
  5. Using timer-equipped lights, radios, and TV to give the illusion of someone being home
  6. Getting acquainted and involved with your neighbors to help increase the security of your mobile home and community
  7. Plant prickly and thorny plants around your windows
  8. Properly storing or securing ladders, tools, and other valuable items in a way that prevents theft.
  9. Ensuring that the wheels of the mobile home are secured in place
  10. Investing in and using a GPS tracker to keep track of your mobile home’s location

If you have a mobile home, you may have realized by now that living in one presents unique challenges in protecting the home from burglaries and home invasions. If you are here, you are looking to address these challenges in a way that helps to sleep better at night and also better ensure your home’s protection in the event that you are away.

Home Invasion Trends and Statistics of the United States

It is important to know what you are up against when it comes to protecting your home from break-ins and burglaries. It doesn’t matter if you live in a single-family home, a mansion, or a mobile home, it is essential to understand the statistics of home invasions and burglaries and also the methods used by the very people who are looking to invade your home.

Understanding this will give you an advantage in keeping your home protected by providing you with the not only the rate of which people’s homes are invaded but also with providing you with how these criminals go about breaking into your home, you will be able to take the appropriate measures to counter the tactics they use.

Statistics of Home Invasion in the United States

Here in the United States, a home invasion occurs every 13 seconds on average. With a home invasion occurring every 13 seconds, there is no way of knowing if your respective home is a potential target, so it is crucial to make sure that you are prepared for the likelihood of this event. In any given neighborhood, on average, 1 in every 5 houses are victimized by burglary. However, not all communities share the risk equally.

In the table below, you can see what type of locations in the country are most likely to be robbed or burglarized.   

Population GroupRobbery RateBurglary Rate
TOTAL OF ALL AGENCIES:Number of Known Offenses88.7 rate per 100,000374.3 rate per 100,000
TOTAL CITIES:Number of Known Offenses 113.9 rate per 100,000409 rate per 100,000
METROPOLITAN COUNTIES39.6 rate per 100,000288.6 rate per 100,000
NONMETROPOLITAN COUNTIES9.9 rate per 100,000316.1 rate per 100,00
SUBURBAN AREAS41.6 rate per 100,000279.1 rate per 100,000
Total1,092 rate per 100,0001,667.1 rate per 100,000
Source: (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2018)

How Do Burglars Break Into Your Home?

KTBV sent in their KGW investigative team to question inmates at Oregon Department of Corrections to ask individuals who were serving time for burglary how they broke into people’s homes and figure out what burglars looked for and what actually deterred them from committing a home invasion.

Most burglars entered the home through an unlocked window or the front door. During the course of the questioning, KGW found that most burglars will choose to enter the house through an open window or the front door. Interestingly enough, burglars do not like breaking windows.

A loud bang on a locked door from kicking it in draws less attention than breaking glass, and burglars don’t like cutting themselves. Aside from the pain of being cut, they don’t want to leave DNA behind.

Burglars look for jewelry, credit cards, cash, and firearms when they enter into a home. When a burglar is within the home, valuables like jewelry, credit cards, cash, and firearms are prime targets to steal and sell-off. If you have anything like an NRA sticker on your car, you should probably take it off. It is an attention grabber for potential burglars.

Most burglaries are not committed at night. According to burglars, it is not in the dead of the night that you need to worry about someone breaking and entering into your house but actually the early morning or afternoon. This is because this is the time that most people are at work, and most likely, no one is going to be home during that time, including the neighbors.

When it comes to a home security system, it is hit or miss as a deterrent. Burglars are not as dumb as people may think and can actually be quite sophisticated when it comes to illegal entry into someone’s home. When it comes to a home security system and whether the signs deter someone, it may either not phase them, or if they are proficient enough, they can even disable or avoid them altogether.

Dogs are an excellent deterrent, depending on the size and breed. It was found that having a large protector type dog within the home is a huge factor when it comes to whether or not a burglar is going to enter the home. Small dogs don’t really offer a deterrence, but for most burglars, if the house has a large dog residing in it, that is a deal-breaker for them, and they are going to avoid that home.

These were just some of the examples of what the interviews turned up in regards to figuring out how to keep your home protected. To learn more about things burglars look for and would rather avoid, check out this resource.  

How To Burglar Proof Your Mobile Home

Now that we have examined the statistics and the motivating factors in what burglars look for before they decide to break into your home, it’s time to take the necessary step to protect your mobile home. In this section, we are going to examine the 13 steps that you can take to burglar-proof your mobile home.

 It is essential to recognize that these methods work best when applied together as opposed to individually. None of the steps listed are standalone solutions to protecting your mobile home.

Step 1: Secure and Reinforce the Doors of Your Mobile Home

As pointed out by a burglar in an interview by KGW, a burglar is typically going to invade your home through the front door. With this knowledge, it is vital to make sure the door of your mobile home is secured and reinforced against intrusion. The first method we are going to examine for securing the door is simple. 

First and Foremost, Keep the Doors of Your Mobile Home Locked

Believe it or not, burglars often enter the home through an unlocked door in the home. Through either complacency or forgetfulness, people often leave their door unlocked, leaving their home prime for opportunistic burglars to enter and take what they want.

To help prevent burglary through the means of something as simple as an unlocked door, make sure that you make it a habit to lock the door when you enter and leave. If you happen to be like so many other people who are forgetful, try to set a reminder on your phone to lock the door.

 Better yet, you can invest in smart locks for your mobile home to ensure that the door is automatically locked and unlocked as you come and go.

Invest in and Implement the use of Security Bars for Your Mobile Home’s Doors

Since we have just covered securing the door, it is now time to discuss reinforcing the door. In the event that a burglar decides that they want to kick in the door because it is locked, you need to be able to prevent that from happening. A security bar for the doors of your mobile home is a great way to avoid this method of unauthorized entry.

The way that a door security bar operates is straightforward and if necessary, it can also be easily removed when its use is not needed or in the event you need to remove it. The bars weigh less than a pound and can be installed in minutes and are put into place using 4 and a half inch one-way screws that are designed to withstand impacts up to 350 pounds. 

In other words, unless a criminal has plans on bringing a lot of attention to themselves by driving a car into your mobile home to get in through your door or plans on breaking a window, they are not getting in. This leads to our next step in burglar proofing your mobile home.

Step 2: Secure and Reinforce the Windows of Your Mobile Home

Unlocked and open windows are a very commonly used method of entry that burglars tend to use. The reason being is that it’s easy, and a lot of people don’t think about locking their windows for some reason. 

Make Sure the Windows of Your Mobile Home are Locked

When a burglar approaches a home, whether it’s a standard home or a mobile one, one of the first things that they are going to do is check to see if the window is locked or open. If the windows are properly secured, the burglar will move onto the next method of entry, which will typically be the front door.

Before leaving the mobile home, make sure that the windows within the mobile home are locked and secured. Burglars are not very keen on breaking windows due to the risk of injury and the possibility of leaving DNA behind, so this is an excellent step to take in burglar proofing your mobile home. Keep in mind that some burglars are more prepared for this.

Using Security Bars to Reinforce Your Windows

While taking the time to make sure that the windows in your mobile home are locked is a great step to take in reducing your risk of victimization by a home invasion, it is important to know that this step may not be enough to deter all would-be burglars. 

They can be very sophisticated in the ways they choose to enter a house, and a simple way to get passed broken glass is for them to invest in impact/ cut-proof gloves. This means that even if the door is secured and reinforced, windows that don’t have this same measure in place are vulnerable.

This is where window security bars come into play. Window security bars provide the same function as door security bars, with the exception of being placed on windows. They are also relatively low in cost as well and offer different options based upon your needs such as:

  • Temporary/ removable window security bars: Allows for the bars to be removed in the instances that you don’t need to have the bars in place (great for mobile homes while traveling)
  • Swing open window security bars: Allows you to swing the bars open in the event of an emergency escape
  • Permanent window security bars: they are as they sound and are designed to be in place for the long term

These different bars operate based on what your particular needs are and what you feel would best suit your situation. Despite what you are looking for in terms of window security, the benefits of having security bars on your mobile home’s windows cannot be ignored.

Step 3: Invest in a Security Surveillance System for Your Mobile Home

As mentioned before, none of the options presented are standalone options. All have their pros and cons, and a surveillance system/ security system is an important addition to any security setup.

A surveillance system that is equipped with a security system is an excellent deterrent. Even if it doesn’t deter the criminal from breaking into your property, it is great for recording the necessary information to provide to law enforcement. That being said, to prevent a break-in of your mobile home, remember to use this method in conjunction with the other methods provided.

As per a journalistic investigation by KTVB’s KGW investigative team, it was pointed out that an alarm system and cameras are not an instant deal-breaker for burglars according to the responses in their interviews.

Alarms can be bypassed, and cameras can indicate that there are valuable items within the property, so ensuring other methods are used as well are paramount in the importance of making sure your mobile home is protected.

Step 4: Installing Motion Sensing Lights on Your Mobile Home

Lights can be a good deterrent on their own, especially when a burglar decides not to wait until morning to break into your home. In this case, motion-activated lighting is a great addition to ensuring that your home is genuinely burglar proofed.

Lights that are pointed to the areas surrounding your mobile home are great in that it can make a burglar feel like he is being watched and driving unwanted attention to himself.

On top of that, motion-sensing lights tend to be very bright and will draw the attention of your neighbors as well. This is a step that can dramatically decrease the likelihood that you will be a victim of a burglary.

 Step 5: Using Timer Equipped Lights, Radios, and Television to Deter Prospective Burglars

Burglars do not like conflict, confrontation, or any type of attention in general. This can lead to them being spotted or even identified when they are attempting to break into a home. With that in mind, they do not want to try to break into a home when someone could possibly be home.

This is where using lights that are equipped with timers and using radios and television is extremely useful when you aren’t going to be in your trailer. 

When you give the illusion that someone is home, a burglar will typically decide to avoid that location entirely to avoid unnecessary confrontation and possible jail time. In an interview conducted by KTVB’s KGW investigative team on the subject, most burglars, when asked if they would break into a home if they heard a radio or tv inside the house, said: “Absolutely not.”

Step 6: Getting Acquainted With Your Neighbors in Your Mobile Home Community

This is something that a lot of people neglect to do in any type of community. People like to keep to themselves or don’t want to get to know the neighbors because they think they talk too much, don’t like them, or are too nosey. This section here will make you want to get to know that nosey neighbor.

People tend to look out for people they feel any type of kinship with even if it is as simple as being the neighbor that is nice enough to say good morning and wish them a good day. There are multiple benefits to being acquainted with your neighbors.

The importance of being acquainted with the people in your mobile home community is important because they will keep an eye on your home in the events that you are away and more likely to notify the police in the event they see someone trying to force themselves into your home in your absence. Aside from this, you might even get invited to a neighborhood barbeque.

Step 7: Planting Prickly and Thorny Plants Around Your Windows

Using plants to make access to your mobile home is a simple and ingenious way to protect your mobile home from unauthorized entry through the use of the windows.

Using prickly plants around the windows makes it significantly more difficult for an intruder to enter and even potentially cut and injure him in the process. That is too much work and risk on behalf of the burglar, is a great deterrent, and excellent at preventing home invasion through this method.

Creeping Juniper, Blue Spruce, and Common Holly are recommended plants to use, according to the UK police. These types of plants are most effective when combined with security bars.

Step 8: Properly Storing or Securing Ladders, Tools, and Other Valuable Items

Burglars can use ladders and various other tools to get into a position to tamper with the security cameras and lights that you have in place covering your home. 

Hammers and other tools can be used to make breaking into the mobile home significantly easier to forcefully enter the home with less work. Another thing to keep in mind is if you don’t keep these tools secured, they may also be stolen to be sold off.

To prevent the potential tampering of your surveillance cameras, unauthorized entry into your mobile home and theft of your equipment be sure to make sure equipment like ladders are secured to the mobile home and your tools are properly stored to ensure that they aren’t stolen.

Ensuring the Wheels on Your Mobile Home are Properly Secured

Mobile homes are, well, mobile. This means that they can be moved from place to place. This also means that if certain precautions aren’t taken, a burglar doesn’t have to break into your mobile home. He or she can run off with your entire house.

You can secure the wheels in your mobile home in a variety of ways, one of the ways this can be done is by placing wheel stops in front of the wheels to prevent the mobile home from rolling away or someone driving away with your mobile home if it is the type that is driven like an RV.

If it is a trailer type of mobile home, you can use a wheel lock to keep the wheels of the mobile home locked into place. A wheel lock is a metal device that is attached to the wheels of the mobile home to prevent it from being stolen.

Step 10: Investing in a GPS System to Track Your Mobile Home and Minimize Losses

In the event your mobile home happens to be stolen, a GPS system can be a lifesaver. GPS systems offer a few different methods of use by being able to be monitored by yourself, the security company, and law enforcement to track the mobile home in case of theft. However, a GPS system does have a recurring cost that accompanies it for it to continue to work.

Also, since most models that are used are paid on a month to month basis, this can be ideal for an individual who only requires a GPS tracker when going on trips or taking vacations.

One of the most popular GPS systems that are used by mobile homeowners is the Optimus 2.0. It is a monthly service that operates off of a wireless phone signal. It is important to note that the payment model doesn’t affect its effectiveness, but if you are in areas without a cell signal, the GPS system will not work until it is back into a service location.

To learn more about the Optimus 2.0, follow this link to check it out: Optimus 2.0 GPS System. It will break down the features of the GPS system a bit more and give you a more in-depth look at its pros and cons.

Final Notes on Mobile Home Security

Mobile homes, whether stationary or the automotive type, are attractive to potential burglars. This is due to the relative ease of entry into these types of homes, and it is essential to be able to address the unique challenges of weaker doors and windows that mobile homes typically provide.

With the steps provided in this guide to better secure your mobile home, you will be able to rest easier and know that your home is more secure and unattractive to the prospective burglar. As an experienced burglar told reporters

“Put bars on your windows and doors, get an alarm, keep an extra car in the driveway, keep lights, TVs and radios on when you leave your home.”

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