Are Used Security Camera Doorbells Worth it Over New?

One of the things I pride myself on – now that I’m all grown up and have realized bills need to be paid and I have to pay them – is saving money in the places I can. 

I’m not a penny pincher by any means, but when I can get the same or similar Quality Item I need for a lower price? I take the time to consider it. 

Need some Toilet Paper? Better to buy in bulk!

Groceries? Store Brands are often up to snuff, and always look for the Sales!

Buying a new Vehicle? As soon as they leave the lot, they’re cheaper! Always buy used!

So when it comes to Security Cameras and related equipment, I thought “I wonder if you can get these Used as well?” 

When I dug into things, there really wasn’t much available in write-ups, so I decided to do one myself! eBay, Amazon, it’s actually pretty easy to get ahold of Used Home Security devices.

Buying Video Doorbells or any other Home Security Equipment can offer a decent cost savings while often delivering the same product experience. It’s important when shopping used to consider if the unit is Refurbished or Open Box, and what the condition of the item is.

Below I’m going to do a quick breakdown of what you can expect Price Wise when you shop for Used Cameras, Doorbell Cameras specifically. 

I Used eBay and Amazon, and kept the searches down to either Refurbished condition or Open Box…that way you know (or at least can assume) that you’re paying for something that’s as close to New condition as possible.

I’m just going to cover some of the more popular options, but given the results, you may want to go looking for the model of your choice!

Ring Video Doorbell 3 

The first Doorbell Camera I decided to look into was the Ring Video Doorbell 3. 

This is a relatively newer model, it came out in April of 2020 (I’m writing this in December), so it’s kind of in the Middle of “Hasn’t been out long enough to get cheap” and “Has had plenty of time for Used models to pop up”.

For this reason, and because it’s still a good choice (especially for the money) I would suggest going to check out the Ring Video Doorbell 2 – at least to get an idea of the price difference.

At the time I’m writing this Ring is running a sale on most of its new Doorbell Cameras. The Sale Prices can be found on their site or AMAZON.

To be realistic, I’m going to be using the Best Price I can find for each model New and Used.

Here’s the Breakdown for the Ring Video Doorbell 3: 

BrandModelUsedNewDifferenceDifference %
RingVideo Doorbell 3117139.9922.9916.42%
All prices are in USD at time of writing

Find Used Ring Video Doorbell 3 HereOpens in a new tab.

Find New Ring Video Doorbell 3 HereOpens in a new tab.

Being so new, I wasn’t able to find a Refurbished model yet – these are pretty common on Amazon and easy to get, I’ll cover that for the other Cameras.

Now given that this Camera is on sale right now (139.99 vs. 199.99 when it’s not on sale), the savings for going Used aren’t as big as they might be another time of year. 

You could save about 20 dollars, which is a little more than 15%. Those prices don’t factor in Tax, so depending on where you live the delta is probably a little bit more. 

You might be saying “well, 20 bucks isn’t that much of a difference”, and without context, you might be right, but when you take a look at the Percentage off – AND consider that’s during a pretty hefty sale on Ring’s end – buying Used isn’t a bad option!

Let’s check out some more options.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is sort of a Step Up from the Ring Video Doorbell 3, with similar features with a more premium design and feel. 

Given that, the price reflects it by being slightly more. 

Normally that means you’re looking at a $249 price tag for the Pro and a $199 price tag for the Ring 3, giving you a delta of about $50 and 20%. 

At this time the Doorbell Pro is also on sale, bringing the price down to $169.99.

That’s a pretty big discount!

Now when I went to look at Used models, you can still save a bit of money, but given that they’re on sale it’s not as big of a difference.

Here’s the Breakdown for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro: 

BrandModelUsedNewDifferenceDifference %
RingVideo Doorbell Pro159.99169.99105.88%
All prices are in USD at time of writing

Find Used Ring Video Doorbell Pro HereOpens in a new tab.

Find New Ring Video Doorbell Pro HereOpens in a new tab.

The Used option, in this case, was a Refurbished model – Straight from Ring on Amazon.

For the 10 dollar Price Difference, at this time I wouldn’t recommend going Refurbished. For the money, I think I would probably choose the New one.

I checked a couple more Doorbell Cameras though, I had a feeling there was going to be a compelling reason to go with Used over New (and spoiler alert, it can be a solid chunk of change!). 

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

The Ring Video Doorbell Elite is an interesting little device. 

It’s not something that I would ever be interested in myself – the feature set and builds quality you get is just not appealing enough (again, to me) to justify the price increase.

One of these, not on sale, will set you back close to 350 bucks!

Not to mention the install is a little more involved, and Ring even suggests having someone install the camera professionally…it’s just not my cup of tea. 

That said, if it is the kind of Doorbell Camera you are looking for or maybe your Business is looking for – it can be had at a significant discount if you do a little digging!

Price Breakdown for Ring Video Doorbell Elite:

BrandModelUsedNewDifferenceDifference %
RingVideo Doorbell Elite199.99349.9915042.86%
All prices are in USD at time of writing

Find Used Ring Video Doorbell Elite HereOpens in a new tab.

Find New Ring Video Doorbell Elite HereOpens in a new tab.

Looking at the breakdown, it’s pretty clear to see that the Video Doorbell Elite is a prime candidate for buying Used (see what I did there?)

The Saving of 150 dollars is a good amount, enough to buy ANOTHER Ring Video Doorbell 3 and STILL have money leftover!

Heck, you could almost get a second Doorbell Camera for that amount!

That’s also a huge discount percentage-wise! 43%, just about half the cost of a new one, and this is the price for a Refurbished Unit that’s sold by Ring. 

If you’re looking for a Ring Video Doorbell Elite, and your set on that model, you should look into buying refurbished vs New. 

Ring Peephole Cam

The last of the Ring Camera models that I looked into, I wanted to get something a little different than the Traditional Doorbell Camera Models.

The Ring Peephole Camera is a great Entry Level model that provides a great deal of functionality without breaking the bank. 

This is a perfect first Doorbell Camera for your home, and even works great if you’re in an apartment or rental!

Being on the lower end of the price range, I figured this one might not get such a hefty discount in the New vs Old comparison, but here’s what I found.

Ring Peephole Cam Price Breakdown: 

BrandModelUsedNewDifferenceDifference %
RingPeephole Camera69.9599.9930.0430.04%
All prices are in USD at time of writing

Find Used Ring Peephole Cam HereOpens in a new tab.

Find New Ring Peephole Cam HereOpens in a new tab.

Now when you consider the price of a Brand New Peephole Camera, it’s already ahead for a lot of potential buyers. It’s a good deal cheaper than the Ring Doorbell 3, and then you look at the price for a used one? 

It’s hard to pass this up! 

The eBay auction I found was 30 dollars cheaper than a new one, and this was listed as a Refurbished model. 

To be completely honest, there’s not really that much difference between a Refurbished and Open Box for many electronics. 

Refurbished means it was used (for how long, who knows?) and then went back to the manufacturer or a third party to be cleaned up and inspected. 

Generally, it’ll be in pretty good shape if it passes inspection! 

Open Box is a bit more of a mixed bag. Usually, it’s close to new condition, but not always. 

Why did someone open the box and then never use it? 

Often there’s a good reason, they forgot about it, they got distracted, etc. 

At the end of the day I usually prefer to get a Refurbished model if I can, and if I can’t Open Box is a close second.

Back to the Ring. 

This is a 30% discount on a pretty much New unit. That brings the already low entry-level price even lower and means getting a Video Doorbell is something that even more people can consider with their budget. 

Good stuff!

Arlo Video Doorbell

Last but not least, I figured I should cover something that isn’t a Ring product. 

There are many alternatives to Ring out there, especially these days, and that means that there are also Used variants for all of those different models.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is one of the most popular and well-rated Video Doorbells on the market. 

It performs great, has lots of features and support, and the price point is solid – not too high, not too low, right in the sweet spot!

Normally, the Arlo has priced right around 150 dollars, putting it in direct competition with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and now the Doorbell 3. 

Without sale prices for the Holidays, it’s usually undercutting the Ring product by a decent margin, and with its performance, it makes sense that it’s a popular option! 

Here’s the skinny on the Used equation for the Arlo Video Doorbell: 

BrandModelUsedNewDifferenceDifference %
ArloVideo Doorbell90149.9959.9940.00%
All prices are in USD at time of writing

Find Used Arlo Video Doorbell HereOpens in a new tab.

Find New Arlo Video Doorbell HereOpens in a new tab.

As you can see, it’s possible to get close to 60 dollars in savings by choosing to go with an Open Box Arlo! 

That’s HUGE!

When you compare that delta percentage-wise, that’s a 40% discount. 

It’s not common that you get such a hefty discount, especially when a product is so popular! 

If I was shopping for an Arlo, I would take a look at snagging a Used model without a doubt.

Average Savings

So here we are, the Summary.

Across a variety of Models, newer and old, some high end some low end (price-wise) – one thing is pretty clear. 

You can save a decent amount of money no matter what model you’re shopping for (The Video Doorbell Pro, not so much at current prices).

Average Savings Table:

UsedNewDifferenceDifference %
Averages at time of writing

Overall, buying Used vs New – At least for Video Doorbells – will net you an Average Savings of 25% or more. 

That’s with current sale prices factored in, so if you’re waiting until sometime in the future to pick up a Doorbell Camera for yourself, you could be saving even more by looking at used options. 

Whatever you decide to do, this is good information to have. If I didn’t cover the particular model you’re looking for, give Google a quick search, and Surf over to Amazon. 

You should be able to find an Open Box or Refurbished Camera that fits the bill and keeps a little more cash in your pocket at the same time! 


Ben is a passionate learner who's spent years gathering knowledge on all sorts of topics. He loves being as prepared as possible for any of life's many situations, and finding ways to make sure his home and family are secure is top priority. Sharing the things he's learned is a fulfilling way to give back.

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