How to Make Your House Unattractive to Burglars

how to make your house unattractive to burglars

As a new home buyer, one of the first things I wanted to do was make sure my new home was secure. I did some research to find out how I can make my house more secure and how to make it less attractive to potential thieves.

When it comes to home security, the goal is very simple: you want to make your house unattractive to burglars. There are multiple simple ways to deter burglars; exterior lighting, blinds or curtains, and decluttering your landscaping can all help make your house less attractive to burglars.

While there are many ways to make your house more secure against burglaries, if you can make a burglar avoid your home in the first place, you will have a lower chance of dealing with a break in.

Some of these ways will apply to your home, while others may not. Let’s dive right in to see the best ways you can make your home unattractive to burglars.

Locking down the fort

One thing that a lot of people forget when they’re talking about home security is that they need to make sure everything is locked up. Locking your windows and doors is one of the most basic ways to secure your home and it costs very little to no money. This includes Windows Doors anything else that a burglar might find as easy access to get into your home.

Exterior doors are a very common method for burglars to break into your home. Make sure you have not one but two locks on each door. The locks should be a deadbolt and a regular keyed lock. Whether or not the keys are the same for all locks is up to you.

Windows also need to be locked and this is the stuff that a lot of people often forget. Many homes already have locks on Windows but someone need to have them added. There are many types of locks for Windows and if you want more details on that you can find it in our article here.

Often times it can seem like a good idea to leave a key somewhere hidden on your porch. This could be under a rock under a plant or even under your doormat.

The reason this isn’t a good idea is because this gives potential burglars easy access to a key which unlocks all the locks you just spent time securing.

If you’re worried about getting locked out of your home think about giving a spare key to a family member or friend that you trust that way there’s no risk of a thief getting a hold of it.

Outdoor lighting is key

Once you have made sure that all of your windows and doors are locked then you can move on to the exterior lighting. Exterior lighting is key for home security because it can often be the first line of defense against a burglar.

Exterior lighting is lighting that’s on the outside of your house. This could be anything from a spotlight to a porch lamp to a solar lamp in your Landscaping. It’s important to have good exterior lighting on your house because that eliminates dark spots that potential burglars can hide in.

If you don’t want to pay for an expensive security system exterior lights that are motion sensitive can be just as effective at deterring theft.
Motion-sensing lights work by detecting when something moves by them and turning on.

When the light turns on sometimes it will stay on sometimes only for a period of time and other times it will flash like a strobe light as a warning.

Different types of security lighting will work in different ways. I cover some of the different types of security lighting in my post here.

Landscaping and upkeep make an impact

Landscaping and exterior lighting can often go hand-in-hand when it comes to Home Security. In the same way that lighting can eliminate dark areas which burglars can hide in if you do your Landscaping properly there won’t be any dark areas to begin with.

Large, leafy bushes and shrubs should never be planted near windows and doors. These types of plants create the perfect hiding spot for someone to lurk and watch your every move. Burglars love these kinds of plants because they can sit and learn your daily routine to figure out when it’s the best time to break into your home.

Keeping areas near your windows and doors free of weeds and unwanted plants can also be a great way to show that you are often home and that you’re paying attention to your surroundings. The same can be said for other yard clutter.

While yard maintenance might not seem related to home security, that’s not the case. Yards which aren’t maintained might lead a burglar to think that you’re often away from home. Long periods of time between mowing could also make it appear that you go on vacation often.

Making it clear that someone is home is a key deterrent to burglars.

Cars can be targets for break ins too!

Burglars are often interested in stealing whatever they can easily get their hands on. This doesn’t always mean they’re after something inside your home, but if they find an easy target I’m your yard or driveway, they might assume your house is just as attractive.

When you park your car, always try to park it in a garage if possible. Garages provide a safe and secure storage space for your vehicle and makes it more difficult for burglars to see what you have inside.

If you have to park your vehicle outside, there are a couple things you can do to deter potential thieves from breaking in. The first thing to do is make sure your doors are always locked and your windows rolled up.

Even with your doors locked and your windows tightly shut, a burglar might still attempt to break in if they see something inside your vehicle which looks like an easy score.

Avoid leaving expensive electronics out on your seats or in your center console. Other valuables like watches, backpacks, and purses should be stowed in a glovebox or under a seat so they aren’t clearly visible.

Loose change inside your vehicle is another thief magnet. It might not seem like it’s worth it, but even a few dollars in quarters can be enough for some thieves to decide to smash your window.

Home Security for the whole family

Ensuring a Home Security is a job that takes everyone in the household, not just one person. It’s important to make sure everyone in your home, including children, are taking steps to make your home less attractive to burglars.

Leaving toys in the yard can be a lure for potential thieves. Bikes are a common target to steal as they are easy to spot, valuable, and provide a quick way to escape. Other items like roller blades and scooters can entice burglars too; they are easy to pick up and walk away with.

Sporting equipment such as a baseball bat can provide the perfect tool for a would be burglar to break into your home. Make sure that everything is picked up and brought inside or stored in the garage each night to help keep your home secure.

Consider getting a dog

Dogs can be a great addition to the family, not only as pets but as a break in deterent. Even a small dog can be extremely effective at making your house less appealing to thieves.

The barking of dogs is a great way to alert neighbors that something is going on, and large dogs pose a safety threat to anyone who might be thinking about breaking into your home.

Alarm Systems, beware!

Although they can be somewhat pricey, Home Alarm systems are a great way to add security to your house while also thwarting potential break ins. Home Alarm systems can be setup to broadcast a loud siren whenever a door or window is opened or even broken. This loud noise is often enough to send the bad guys running.

Alarm systems can be setup to simply play this loud siren noise or they can also go one step further and contact emergency services. These types of systems are often setup through a monitoring service which will respond to the trigger of your Alarm System by calling the local police and alerting them of the break in.

Many alarm systems will come with small warning labels or signs that let others know your home is being protected. These signs can be placed on windows, in your yard, or even on doors to let potential intruders know that they will find a nasty surprise if they decide to make their way into your home.

Even if you don’t have the money for a security system, you can often purchase these Home Security stickers and signs separately from the systems themselves. Placing these around your home’s exterior can create the impression that your home has an Alarm system, even if that’s not the case.

Security Cameras are the final step

While alarm systems are very nice and a great way to secure your house, the next step is to install a Security Camera System. Security cameras allow you to monitor the inside and outside of your home and record what goes on.

Modern Security Camera systems are a great way to deter thieves, mainly because of the clear picture that’s possible with today’s technology. No thieve wants to have their face on camera, so placing these around your property can be an excellent deterrent.

Some Security Camera systems even allow you to view the footage live from your smart phone. This can be great if you want to check in on a pet or family member while you’re away from your home. Many systems can also be setup to alert you when motion is detected, so you are always aware of the situation.

For a more in depth explanation and walkthrough of the different types of Security Camera Systems, check out my post on them HERE

At the end of the day, the key to making you home unattractive to burglars is to make it look like it’s not worth their time to break into it. This either means giving them little incentive to break in, making it seem like there’s a high risk of the burglar being caught, or just making it look extremely difficult to successfully get into your home.

Making your home unattractive to burglars is something that takes work and practice. By keeping your house locked up, your yard free of clutter, and having plenty of exterior lighting, you can help deter would be burglars from choosing your home as a target.


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